Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Girl's tea!

For Christmas, I gave Emma and my mom a girls' tea date at Carolina Inn.  We have been trying to go for months, but 2 times, there was a chance for snowy weather, so we finally went a few weeks ago.  It was expensive (for a 4 year old), but well worth it.  Emma felt like a princess and her face was priceless.  I think this is a tradition I want to continue for years to come!

You could choose your tea, or have alcohol:) Or lemonade/juice for kids.  The food was amazing - little sandwiches, cookies, and cakes.  It was definitely enough food for a meal.  They even do mini grilled cheese and PB and J for kids - cut up super cute like the rest of food.  I was really proud of Emma - she had awesome manners and didn't spill anything:) 

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