Monday, August 15, 2016

25 week update

I have really steered away from talking too much about this second pregnancy, partly because I was "hiding" it for a bit, and also because I think life just goes on as normal with the second.  Sure, you're excited, but I already have a little one to care for, swoon over, and snuggle:)

How I'm Feeling
This pregnancy has been different from the first, in many ways.  For starters, I did have a lot of morning sickness.  I never actually was "sick" ([partly because I was paranoid about that so had some meds filled right away at the first sign of nausea).  But I wasn't feeling that hot for the first 3-4 months.  
I am happy that has gone away now, and I feeling more normal.  I am more sore towards the end of the day (middle of my back, top of my belly), which scares me since I am no way near huge yet.  I'm also really tired lately, mostly around 2-3pm.  I didn't experience the wave of exhaustion in the first trimester, like I did with Emma.  I guess it is hitting me now.

What I'm Craving
Fruit and water.  With Emma, it was red meat.  Wow, I wanted some steak and a burger bad with her.  This time, I can't get enough fruit...and cheese.  I am loving the Pepper Jack cheese from Harris Teeter right now.  I'm trying hard to fuel my body with foods that will add proteins and veges, and trying to steer away from carbs.  I recently have been lowering my gluten intake too (gluten free oatmeal and pasta), and I can tell a difference in how I feel.  I also am trying to decrease my sodium.  I had a ton of salt in a meal one night, and was wrecked the next day. Like, I was dehydrated and had to pull over driving because I was blacking I am really watching it now.
As for water, I still love Smart Waters...and try to drink as much as I can, but not after 6:30pm.  The bladder struggle is real.....way more this time than I remember with Emma.

What I'm Doing
I am definitely trying to live life normally.  I have been working out 3 times a week and love how I feel.  I had to drop to twice this week after starting work, and I can tell a big difference in my attitude and physical state.  I'm just not as happy:(  I usually do spin (although the hour long class is too much for me, so I've resorted to cycling on my own), and TRX.  I love, love TRX.  There is only one class that fits my schedule, but I can do it anytime on my own at the gym.  
With Emma, I didn't work out AT ALL.  I may have gone walking like 3 times total.  I gained more weight than needed, but it was winter, so I didn't really care too much either.  I've been much more conscious about my body this time around...partly because I am healthier now, but also because I couldn't hide all pregnancy in leggings and baggy sweaters!
I've also been skiing about every other week.  Nothing too strenuous....and it's certainly not as fun to "take it easy" on skis.  But it is good to get out there, get wet, and stay involved.  I plan on continuing as long as my belly allows:)

What I'm Wearing
This is a challenging one....with Emma, I longed for a bump and couldn't wait to fit into maternity clothes.  This time, I hid it as long as I could.  I loathe most maternity clothes. Who makes these things anyway.  I feel like everything screams, "I have just given up."  And I am not one of those people that can just wear 3 things for 9 months....that's just stupid.  No, we don't need to go crazy and buy a  ton of clothes, but I do care how I look (because I FEEL better about myself).  I've really tried to get as much wear out of non-maternity clothes as possible.  Going up one size, looser fitting tops and dresses, and elastic waist or drawstring pants are all great alternatives to maternity wear.  Plus, you can theoretically wear them again, or sell them easier at consignment:)  I am fitting into some full panel pants and shorts, and demi panels are getting a bit tight around my lower belly.  I'm very thankful that flowy seems to be in lately.  I'm also embracing the tighter maternity dresses, and since I have somewhat maintained my appearance, I feel ok wearing them:)  
Bottom line, whatever I've purchased this time around, I've tried to make sure it was (1) cheap, and (2) something I could wear again, or (3) sell easily.  Most of my maternity wear from the first time was winter and work related...also not in style anymore:( 

Pretty much a rollercoaster, like the first time.  It goes in waves - some weeks better than others.  I've learned that if I am having a really "up" few days, than I need to brace myself for the "fall."  Undoubtedly, this always happens.  I am way more patient with Emma, and am working on it with everyone else:)  I have a lot of anxiety about the next few months, and what things will be like.  With Emma, I was naive...blissfully unaware of the realities of having another child.  This time, I know what's coming...and while Emma was an easy child, I know this next one may not be:(  So I am bracing for anything and working on just staying calm, enjoying simple things, and trying to just enjoy every moment (no matter how good or bad it is).

What Emma thinks..
Emma is surprisingly very excited about being a sister, and daily comes up with things she wants to teach her, do with her, do for her, etc...  She loves to hug and kiss my belly and "says" she can't wait to share her stuff with her and have bunk beds.  I know this won't last, and there will be challenging days ahead.  But for now, she's pumped..she's even offered to go with me to the hospital to have the baby while Brent stays here to get the room together (and build bunk beds).  I'm savoring every moment with just her...and trying to assure her how much she is loved.

Bump pic...a comparison:

Admittedly...this is the only bump pic I have taken...and I'm not that jazzed about how I look...but whatevs.  I blame the photographer....:)

Here's atoalmost being in the third trimester!!

Read about my 25 weeks with Emma here:)

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