Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend updates

***Warning - super long post***

I am a little behind on all our updates!  Last weekend, we hung out with the Grimes' and went to the UNC/Wake Forest game.  It was a lot of fun, and cold....perfect tailgate, fall, football weather.

Beth is just a great person - so fun to hang with, honest, and funny!

We had great seats!

I laugh when I see this pic because you would have thought it was like 15 degrees out by the way I am dressed.  I love the cold...but I don't like being cold!

Brent and I tried a selfie - it was clearly a FAIL.

All four of us:)

Emma needed some new kicks, so I stopped at Nordstrom Rack one afternoon after work and picked up these.  She loved them!

Thursday morning, I took Emma for her flu shot.  They didn't even have the mist (Boo), but she quickly got over the shot. 

Daddy worked hard on his castle, putting up siding:)  Emma loves to help him...which makes it somewhat challenging.

Thursday afternoon...we bought a car (woohoo!), and then packed up for the beach.  Emma and I had the pleasure of having a long weekend with Brent in Wrightsville beach:)  Our job was hard - house/dog sit for our friends while they went to the mountains.  We missed the Buchanan's but had a great weekend away.  This was our view Friday morning...

And sweet Diggy...our companion for the weekend!

Emma loved walking Diggy.  She would grab his leash and boss him around.  It's hilarious to hear her talk a grown up and with such personality.  I have no idea where she gets that from.

Every morning, we ran the "loop" in Wrightsville, and of course stopped at Loop's donuts.  They are in Robert's Grocery and have the most amazing donuts. ever. 

Friday, during the day, we drove down to Fort Fisher to the aquarium.

Emma did not like the snakes, but she did enjoy making "sssss" snake noises with me!

The sea turtle might be her new favorite animal.  She really enjoyed this one, that kept coming to the glass to see her.

I had the desk lady take this was a one shot photo and turned out great!

There is an outdoor playground there, that Emma enjoyed.

We packed a small lunch of Robert's chicken salad and crackers, and ate at the State park area.  It was absolutely gorgeous weather the whole weekend.

In the afternoons, we did a lot of relaxing on the porch with wine and Diggy.

Of course, I wore my sea urchin spin necklace to the aquarium...because who doesn't match their accessories to their events?!?!

Friday night, we went to Tower 7....and it was amazing!  We would eat there way too much if we lived closer.

Evenings were low key - movie watching and necklace making.  I have been in a lull lately and have not updated my etsy shop or made much.  I have missed it, but just haven't had time with being back at work.  I do love these antlers, though:)

Before bed, Emma randomnly laid out her blanket and did this...saying she was doing "yoga."  I was actually really impressed...she's already better than me!

I also fought my urge to be Type A one morning, and let her put on my makeup.  Ladies....she's really detail oriented if you need a make-over!!

Saturday, we went over to see my dear friend, Tommy James.  I ran into him the last time we were down there...which was so random.  And this time, he saw we were here again so we got to catch up and meet his girlfriend's parents as well.  Loved seeing all them:)

We went downtown Wilmington (I had never been before), and ate lunch, then walked around briefly.  I say "briefly" because this girl was not into listening or following rules this particular afternoon. 

That night, we went to my old Young Life leader's house for dinner.  I got to see Myra last time I was there, but tonight our family's all ate together and roasted s'mores outside.  It was a precious time, and I always leave feeling so uplifted.  We were joking because it felt so weird to drink a glass of wine together!!  When we met, of course, I was in highschool, and Myra was my college drinking was a big no-no.  As always, she had the best advice and words for me.  And Emma had a ball playing dress up with her youngest, Hadley.  I hate that I didn't get a picture with Myra....we have to change that!  I do love seeing our children play together though:)

Myra was sweet and gave us some dress up clothes and toys that her children had outgrown.  Emma insisted on wearing it the next day....everywhere.

She even insisted on playing with her new toys in the car on the ride home....

We really had such a great weekend together, even though travelling with kids is hard (you never get a break!).  We are back to reality this week, but excited that we have NO plans this weekend (except Trick or Treating) so we can stay at home and chill!

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