Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites - Fall fashion!!

I am not a fashion blogger...although my husband would argue otherwise based on my closet.  I love putting outfits together, and I love a well organized clothing store.  My years at J. Crew were some happy times, albeit the retail hours are just not for me now that I have a family.  I tend to shop at J. Crew Factory and Gap...I really, really, LOVE the Gap.  When I heard they might be closing a few months back, I went into a panic.  Their merchandise is well made, changes fairly often, and is ALWAYS on sale.  I also think their customer service has gotten a lot better in the last few years as well.  I also love Old Navy, but I have to be more picky about their clothes because I am not sold on the quality.  

I needed some new pants (needed is a strong word here), and decided to give Gap and Old Navy's Columbus Day sale a try...

1. I knew when I spotted these in the store that I would love them.  Elastic waist - yes please!!  Comfort and fashion - I'm sold!  They were also 40% off and I had an additional coupon, so I really scored on these.  I love that they are a faded black, so I can wear them more casual.


Of course, when I say I "needed" pants, I had to try them on with tops too.  This plaid top caught my eye and I thought "how cute, but impractical! Who wears flannel short sleeves??"  Then I remembered that fall here can be hot sometimes, and what better way to say "back off summer" then with a plaid flannel short sleeve top?  

3. Embroidered top - This top is awesome.  It's the softest flannel ever, and very flattering.  I wore it with the black jeggings and some flats this past weekend.

4. Peplum sweater - I may or may not have only bought this sweater for the is hard to find Carolina blue when you need it!

5. I came across this Pinterest post and fell in love with the colors.  I hate painting my own nails and when I do have painted nails, it is because I have gone to the salon for a gel manicure.  I don't get it done often, because it's pricey and I'm not sure how good it is for your nails....but I loathe waiting for my nails to dry and I hate when they mess up a few days hours later.  But these light colors are easy to put on and won't show wear as bad.  I happen to be in Walmart and came across the exact OPI's beautiful! (Although, on me, the color looks a bit darker)
Just a side note...I think OPI colors are better quality than Essie.  I love all the Essie colors, but they just don't seem to stay on as well, in my opinion.

Fall Nails - Nudes:

6. And of course, no trip to Walmart would be complete with a new pair of slippers!

(Because you either wear them TO the store, or buy em there.... click here for a good laugh)

I am hard on slippers, so I hate to buy expensive pairs. These were $12.94, and I have loved them.  Very comfy, very stylish.  I bought the dark brown color, which I can't find online, but you get the gist.

And I got these for Emma!
Toddler Girl's Polka Dot A-line Slipper Shoe

It's getting really chilly here now (frost advisory????), so I'm super excited!  Although, we have tickets to the football game tomorrow and it's a night game...with temps in the 40's!  I hope I don't freeze!!
Hope everyone's weekend is warm, comfy, and stylish:)

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