Monday, October 12, 2015

Life lately...

Last week, we took one last trip to the lake:(  I love fall, but I also love being out on the water.  But, man, we have had an awesome of the best.  So, I'll take it and be grateful for that time.
  My dad was my hero and skied without a wetsuit...and yes, the water was COLD.

Friday afternoon, Emma and I packed up to head to see Brent's family in Washington.  As we waited for dad to finish up work, we did some walking in Five Points.  These pumpkin sunglasses at Nofo are a must...

Saturday, we watched my nephew's football game.  Emma had a great time with all her cousins over the weekend, and I am thankful for that.

We also saw the Jones'...Brent had to make a stop and see Marcus' new boat. These fools also went for a ride in the rain...that's dedication. 

Meanwhile...I caught up with Lilly, and Emma caught up on her ZZZ's.

We woke her up to head back to see family, but she still fell asleep in the car:)

We tried to get a good couples shot at the dock in Bath, but were completely unsuccessful.  At least my top was cute...

We came home Sunday afternoon, and spent some time outside with our neighbors.  Brooklyn wanted to sit with me, so of course, Emma did as well.

 My selfie.....
Emma's selfie....

I also went to the grocery store BY MYSELF.  Hallelujah.  And I am loving our newly renovated Food Lion.  I also love Holiday beer.

What? You don't take pictures of your grocery store's alcohol selection and send them to your friends to brag???  

Here's to a great Fall week!!!

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