Saturday, February 21, 2015


I love Valentine's....after all, I had the decorations up the first week in January after Christmas because I couldn't stand seeing the house without decor:(

For Emma's class, I made goodie bags for the boys and girls with non-edible treats.  

Everyone got a heart shaped crayon, that we made a few weeks back.
I filled the bags with bubbles, a pencil, bracelets for the girls, and dinosaur erasers for the boys.  We also made these cute foam Valentine's together.

Her class party was on a Friday, and I normally don't work Fridays, so I took her in just for the celebration.  It was cute to see all the kids there, and see how Emma interacts with all of them.

All the kids wanted their pictures taken, and were super cute.  We left feeling really blessed to have such a great place to take Emma to so that I can work, and also for the opportunity to be able to come to parties likes this during the workday.

Valentine's day, Brent had to work until 3pm.  But Emma made sure I had some yummy chocolate ice cream (aka playdoh).....

I planned a surprise picnic out at the lake for the family...but Mother Nature was ruining my plans.  if you remember, that Saturday, a hug arctic blast was blowing through so the day got really windy and eventually later that night, really cold.  It wasn't too cold out there, just really windy.  

It was an adventure and we had fun, nonetheless.  Emma loved it and kept saying she needed her bathing suit to go in the water.

One small meltdown......

We took a million pictures and will definitely go back when it gets a tad warmer and less windy.  There's just something about being outside that's so good for the soul:)

We had a low key "breakfast for dinner" at home later that night, and just snuggled on the couch.  Uneventful, but with the ones I love...doesn't get much better than that!

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