Monday, February 2, 2015

She's not a baby anymore....

I've known this for awhile now, but nothing brings it into full reality like potty training and big girl bed. heard me, BOTH at the same time.  
Am I stupid? Am I crazy? 
Don't you read parenting advice articles, Elizabeth???  

I hadn't planned on this at all...and actually I am hoping that because little E decided to do this on her own that it won't be as painful.  Here's the low down...

I had been wanting to move in her into a big girl bed since Christmas.  I was worried about the transition, especially with naptime.  But she started dropping naps in December and it became a full on battle, so I gave it up.  She stopped napping at daycare too.  The few days that I forced her to nap (I drove her around in the car), she actually had a hard time falling asleep at night.  Emma has always been a terrific night sleeper, so I couldn't complain much.  I am getting used to not having that precious 1-2 hours of alone time, and have moments when I really need a time out, but we are hanging in there.

My sister-in-law had a Pottery Barn bed that they weren't using, so we brought half of it home with us in November, then the other half last weekend.  It was raining in November the day we were coming home, or we would have brought it all back then.

Brent had off Tuesday, so my parents watched Emma and we made the adult date to Ikea (with a stop for some REAL BBQ).

Ikea has great staples - comforters, pillows, and mattresses.

I decided to tackle the project on my own Friday after working out.  Brent was working all week and also Saturday, and I wanted Emma's first few nights to be on a weekend (in case it didn't go well.)  I admit, I had a lot of help from my dad.....because rearranging a room and taking apart a crib is no joke, yall. 

I got it all set up - with her quilt and pink gingham sheets, and furniture all moved around to fit the new room.  I was pretty proud of it, and got teary eyed more than once.  This was the bed she would grow up in...for the next 15 years.  She would start school in this bed, go through her awkward middle-school years in this bed, and be a teenager in this bed.  She'd pack away her things and head to college in this bed.  Emma wasn't a baby anymore.  She wasn't really even a toddler...she was growing into a little girl.  And while I love each new stage and all her new moments (and watching them and celebrating with her), it still pangs my heart a little.

Here is Emma with her new bed.....

The finished product:)

And not even an hour after getting it all set up, Emma decides to pull her diaper off and pee in her training potty.  No joke....she just went and did it all on her own.  She came to me saying - "I go pee pee in the potty!  Pee pee come out my body!!"  Sure enough, I look into her potty and there it is...the magical liquid that only a mom can be proud of.  I immediately started screaming in excitement and the look on Emma's face was just heart-warming.  She couldn't have been more proud of herself. Then, my pride quickly wore off, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to cry or get mad.  Everyone says...don't do both changes at the same time.  I hear horror stories of kids not sleeping through the night anymore, etc...  Months and months of daycare taking Emma to the potty every 2 hours and NOTHING.  Sure, Emma didn't like to have a dirty diaper on, but she really wasn't interested....until now.

Since Friday night, Emma has used the potty about 6 times - even at someone else's house.  She had 2 accidents Saturday, and I made her wear a diaper when we ran errands and to church.  But I am super proud of her.  I don't know what this will hold - if it will throw her off, how hard potty training for #2 will be, etc, etc....but she decided to do it on her own and for that I am thankful:)

As for the big girl bed, Emma has done amazing!  No problems at all, and in the morning, she waits for us to come in and get her.  I am sure she will learn soon that she can get out of the bed, but for now, she's been great.  She like to snuggle under the covers and hasn't fallen out.  We have a bedrail but it was in the attic and I never got it down.  I figured we would see how it goes first.  

I am still trying to get used to a new view on the monitor....

Emma loves to jump on her bed (shocker, right?!).  Any ideas on how to get them to stop?

I think the cats might be liking the bed as much as Emma....I find them snuggling in here all day.  And Emma doesn't mind....

Say what you want about cats, but mine are angels...look what they put up with.  Secretly, I think they like it:)

Here's to a fun week with lots of changes underfoot.....I am super grateful to have such wonderful people in my life and for all the support and love they bring me:)

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