Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November already???

I cannot believe it is November.  Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks, and Christmas is close behind.  In some ways, I have no idea how it got this late in the fall, and in others, I am thankful for it to finally be here.

I love fall because I love taking walks with Emma in the cool, crisp air....

I love going to the park, bundling up, and watching her try new things.

I love going to Lowe's with Brent so he can build us something awesome (and get some much needed man time with tools).

I love seeing my ski family at the Winter meeting, and catching up on life over some burgers and beer.

And every fall, November will mark Emma's yearly cardiologist appointment (until her heart murmur goes away).  So I look forward to good news and precious moments with my baby, who is quickly turning into a beautiful little girl.  Prayers for tomorrow morning, please:)

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  1. Prayers your way! God is in charge, thank goodness. Love!