Monday, November 17, 2014

A good report....

Last post, I asked for prayers for Emma's cardiology appointment.  There isn't a huge chance that her heart murmur could evolve into something serious, but A.) you NEVER is so fragile, and B.) She's my baby and I'm her I am going to worry.

I was scheduled to take Emma on my own this time, because Brent had something at work that he couldn't get out of.  I was a little nervous about it, just because I like the emotional support that Brent brings, but also really grateful to have the on-one-one time with Emma.

We took the obligatory "picture on the front steps" before we left.  It was a beautiful, foggy fall morning and we took the back roads to the Cary office instead of the interstate.

I love Dr. Robinson and UNC HealthCare.  The Cary office is never crowded, and the staff goes above and beyond to make your appointment wonderful.  I can only imagine the horrible news that people receive or are dealing with there...and we feel blessed every time we walk in there.

As soon as we arrived, Emma went straight to the toys and started playing.  She is normally way more reserved, but was having a blast while I filled out paperwork.  It was a relief that she was so happy and excited to be there.

We immediately say Dr. Robinson, who listened to her heart for awhile.  He said that Emma still had her murmur, so the valve is still closed a bit (she has Pulmonary Valve Stenosis), but it was just on the other side of he didn't see the need for another ultrasounds that day.  She would have to come again next year, and will likely have to every year until it goes away (IF it goes away).  He quickly calmed all my fears about Emma racing on the playground and suddenly collapsing, and said any changes in her breathing would be gradual and we had nothing to worry about.  I was very grateful, even though part of me would love to have heard "the murmur is gone!!"  

We celebrated in the room before checking out with a few hugs and selfies:)

And the sweet nurses gave Emma some stickers, which she quickly put on her shirt.

We headed to our favorite Walmart from there for some chicken nuggets and a smoothie (Emma's favorite at McDonald's).  

That afternoon, we went for a walk and I couldn't help but laugh and cry at these pictures.  It cracks me up because she is so serious...and she insisted she bring her phone with her on the walk.  But it made me sad because she is growing up and one day, she will be doing this and probably gabbing away about how much she can't stand her mother and how I'm so annoying...blah blah blah.

 So for now, we are blessed to have Emma as our daughter, and grateful that though she is not perfect, the perfect One loves her more than we do and has promised to take care of all of us.

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