Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where are you, Spring?

I have to admit...I am a little anxious for Spring this year.  Truth is, I love winter and wish we got more of it (and by more, I mean REAL winter - snow!).  But I feel as though I really did not have a summer last year - Emma was born in June - so it was no layin out, hangin out, soaking up rays kinda summer for me.  It did get hot early last year, but I was pregnant, so I clearly didn't look cute and tan in all my dresses and tank tops last Spring.  The other down side about all this cold is the COLDS.  We have managed to stay fairly healthy since Christmas...then the worst cold ever hit the Talley house.  Emma got it first, and actually she still has it.  She stayed out of daycare for a and on fever, tons of snot, coughing/hacking.  She is a trooper and rarely whines.  The worst part has been her hoarse voice and the coughing spells at night.  She would cough for 30-40 minutes at night - not enough to wake her up and cry, but enough to keep us up hearing it.  We put a humidifier in her room and thought it helped, but only for one night.  The doctor said to just let it run its course, but this cold has got to go!

I got it last week, and still have it- worst sore throat I've ever had and just a down right tired feeling.  I managed to give it to Brent, so now we are all in it for the long haul!  It's really made me realize how much I take being healthy for granted.  I'm thankful I don't feel like this all the time, and was even more thankful to be able to spend the whole week with Emma - it was very hard to take her to daycare this week.

Here's a look at our week...we managed to get out some to the mall and walk (it was nasty last week - cold and wet), and also to the Fearrington on Saturday for lunch and strolling around.

SOOOOOO excited for Lilly to open at Southpoint!!  This was our first day at home sick and we ventured out for a walk in the mall.  It made my day to see this! Brent was not as excited when I called to tell him, and said I wasn't allowed in.

Sunflower wanted to make sure Emma was ok...and Emma has discovered Busytown  on UNC TV

Emma loves to rearrange her food bin - I try and label everything and separate it into categories (meats, fruits, veges, breakfast, etc... and also with her name so it's ready for daycare).  She, however, has other plans.  She gets super excited when I open the pantry door and comes as fast as she can grinning...she does the same thing when I open the dishwasher too.  I hope this means she will be a good cook and cleaner.

Brent is an awesome photographer..if anyone wants his info, he'll be glad to take pictures for your special occasion.

Checking out the cows...

Emma's new thing is waving....

again, waving....too darn cute!

I apologize that my scarf covers this pretty girl's face...she had a blast!


  1. love it, hope ya'll are feeling better, hate the whole 'run its course cough and cold and runny nose and no sleep BS.' I am like give us some meds!

  2. You poor things! I hope you are all on the mend soon! Just got back from the doctor with Davis and he has an ear infection, pink eye and nasty cough. Lovely! My primary care said my best form of defense was exercise. Bummer, I thought it was chocolate! And Brent is in good company! The one fairly good picture I got of Davis in his Easter outfit at church had my blurry finger right on the lens! We'll start a company...Fat Finger Photography! Where we add a special touch to all your family photos!