Friday, April 5, 2013

Emma's First Easter

Christmas was not as exciting this year, only because Emma was not really old enough to understand it.  I know that even still, at Easter and only 9 months, she is not grasping the full concept, but Emma had a blast with her Easter basket!  I went back and forth on whether she was going to get one, and ran across an idea on Pinterest for non-candy items for babies and toddlers.  It included things like bubbles, plastic eggs with puffs or yogurt melts, toothbrush, stuffed animals, books, small toys, etc...

When Emma was sick, we ventured to Target one day and I picked up some goodies for her.  I was more excited than her...until Easter morning!

"'s morning already?"

"What's this.....presents!!!???!!!!

"A toothbrush - just what I've always wanted!!"

"These eggs have something inside!!!!"

We went to my parents for Easter dinner and decided to try out our bubbles...Emma LOVED them and I can't wait for some warmer weather to do it again!

Emma is such a joy - from her huge smiles in the morning and beaming pride when she stands up on her own before we all go about our days to the excitement I get to see when I walk into daycare to pick her up.

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  1. I love that you put her basket in her crib! Wish I had thought of that for Davis! Too cute!