Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy 9 months!

Emma is 9 months old and we are LOVING this age.  Her checkup this time was quite painless.  No shots, just a toe prick to check her hemoglobin levels.

Emma will have blue eyes, like her maternal grandfather.  She's such a beauty!

Emma is 18 pounds, 3 ounces - 50th percentile; and 30th percentile for height.  She still has a heart murmur, something Brent discovered at 2 of Emma's previous appointments. He neglected to tell me because he knew I would worry myself to death (which I have).  The pediatrician has assured us it is totally fine and nothing to worry about.  She will most likely outgrow it and 50% of all babies have it. But still, I'm a true mother and worry, so keep this in your prayers please!

Trying to entertain a 9 month old while waiting on the doctor....not easy, and I know it's only downhill from here on out!

"If I have to be naked, then I at least want my pretty bib and bow!"

Awesome....crackly paper to play with!"

We are starting to introduce the sippy cup with water and weaning off the bottle.  The pediatrician also gave us some more food ideas since Emma only has one small tooth and seems to want to inhale, rather than gum, food.  Right now, we have tried some organic baby food that's a bit chunkier....she is not too happy about the texture but we keep trying.

Emma's new trick is clapping.  She loves to clap her hands and watch us smile and tell her good job.  She is standing pretty good on her own for a few short seconds and last night turned around and took one small step before dropping down.  I think we have a month or two at least until she walks.

Emma is always very happy.  I sometimes feel guilty about how easy going she is.  She rarely fusses, sleeps great, always smiles, and eats anything.  We feel more than blessed every morning to go get this little smiley faced munchkin.
Another failed attempt at a family shot...but Happy 9 months anyway to our sweet Em-Em!

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