Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the family, BOB

I found it necessary to title this post as so because BOB will undoubtedly be a big part of our lives come June.  I will start out by saying that I NEVER in a million years thought I would have a BOB...and to be honest thought they were a bit ridiculous.  I will now be the first to admit that I truly believe they are worth the money.  We had originally picked out a travel stroller system - that came with a car seat, base, and somewhat rugged stroller.  But we started doing some research and quickly found that the brand and model we had chosen had gotten awful reviews - we checked several different websites, and I even posted on a Facebook page for moms to get their advice.  Overwhelmingly, everyone said they wish they had bought a BOB.  Now, I don't run (please...I hate sweating!), but we do a lot of walking, and often it is not on the pavement.  I also spend a ton of time at ski tournaments (shocker) and the terrain there is not ideal for even cars, let alone a 4 wheel stroller.  We plan on using a snap-n-go for everyday use on errands, so I knew I would not be lugging around a jogging stroller everywhere anyway.  So, I knew we needed a 3 wheel stroller that could adapt to different surfaces...but a BOB?  It seemed so ridiculous to me!

I have to stop here and give credit to my parents....they really wanted to buy us a stroller for our shower coming up this weekend, but were really hesitant about getting us something that would not last long (totally understandable).  All 4 of us spent a good deal of time this weekend comparing and trying out strollers...and finally....BOB came home with us:)  It is black and grey....not purple like my iPhone camera makes it look in the above picture. 

I am truly grateful to my parents for investing in our new family (like they weren't already - haha!), and feel blessed to receive such an extravagant gift.  I am also thankful they were REI members and got an AWESOME deal on this - I won't tell you how good it was because I want to spare myself from the dirty looks and screams when those who paid full price read this:)
Brent with BOB...we decided we would put it in the truck instead of wheeling it "empty" down to Moe's for lunch!
 Apparently....Swerve thinks the BOB was exclusively for soon as we brought it in the door...he immediately claimed it for himself.  Sunflower could have cared less.
"What? This isn't for me?"
"Love the cargo space, guys!"
"You really shouldn't have.....this is super comfy!"


  1. Love it! And I'm glad you went for the BOB so that you wouldn't be second guessing something else months down the road. And Swerve is TOO funny in the cargo space!

  2. a good stroller is practically priceless!!!

  3. yay! so glad you ended up with the BOB. I promise you will not regret it! I have thought to myself on many occasion that it has already paid for itself in moments of mental sanity!

  4. Best stroller ever!! Ours has been miles and miles....