Friday, February 17, 2017

Daddy daughter date night

Awhile back, Brent had enriched that he had 4 tickets to the NCSU vs UNC game. I was excited until about 3 weeks ago when I realized that being fine for 4 hours st night at not be the easiest with a nursing newborn. The game was at 8pm and in Raleigh, which meant it was a bit harder logistically to go. So I thought it would be great for Brent to take Emma, and our friend Justin to take his son, Eli.

Emma was so pumped all day. She told everyone st school that she was going to the Tarheels game to eat cotton candy and popcorn. (Eye roll!)

I realized last minute that I didn't have any Carolina gear that fit Rmma. One outfit was too small and the other was too big. So I quickly texted my friend Sally to see if she had anything we could borrow.  She brought some options to school the day of the game and of course Emma chose the cheerleader dress.

We all met at Buffalo Brothers before the game to eat.  Merritt was super chill and I was able to enjoy a beer and some greasy apps.

Emma ate all her dinner and was pretty wound up.

The game was at 8pm, so I left dinner and went home.  It was actually kind of nice to just have the night to myself - and by myself, I mean with Merritt.

Emma wanted a Mrs. Wolf...which makes me super happy.  I went to grad school at NCSU, so I'm a semi Wolfpack fan:)

Emma and her cotton of the main reasons she went I think:)

Even though they sat in the NCSU section, they had a blast.  And the State fans were super nice and thought it was hilarious that Emma had on a UNC outfit but carried the wolf around.  They got home after 10:30, and I was already in bed.  Emma couldn't stop talking about when she got up and had the best time.  I was really grateful they were able to share that time together.

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