Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer pictures...

Here's our life in pictures the past few weeks:)

I am continually reminded of how much I love being home with matter how hard it is.  I am super grateful for a hard working hubby that makes this happen for us.  Being that this is my last alone summer with Emma (tears), I am really trying to be more patient and more loving to Emma.  Funny how the threat of impending change makes you more grateful, more aware, and more determined to get your *ish together!!!


Dinner and the Crunkleton with sweet friends!

a picnic outside before the weather got HOTTTTTT

a quick beach trip with friends;)

a ticket for expired registration...perfect end to a beach trip:(  See you in August, New Bern!!

Emma's coloring at the gym...probably her best job yet!!

playing ball with dad in the backyard

couples paddle boarding!

4th of July shopping!

Emma's new hobby...taking pics!!

a day trip for lunch at Fearrington Village

checking out a nearby playground...

an attempt at a picture for July 4....maybe next year!!

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