Thursday, April 7, 2016


We decided to use some free passes we had to Marbles this past week.  I have been before, so I knew she's love it (again).  

I will not make the mistake of going during the week in the morning again.  Apparently, that is when all the school groups go.  What a nightmare.  We got there about 10:30, and by 11:30, I could tell there were thinning out.  But that first hour was awful -  kids everywhere.  Emma is really shy in those situations, so she was not having much fun.  Other older kids were either trying to play with her, or cutting in front of her - either way...Emma kept looking at them like they had 3 eyes.  The workers told me to come in the afternoon, or on a Monday - when no school groups are allowed.  NOTED.

We did get to do craft time - a once a week grant funded activity.  She made this flower, and soon after started warming up more.

My little skater/surfer:)

We spent most of our time in this area - Emma loved doing all the activities - even basketball!  

We left around 12:30 to go have lunch with dad.  I didn't take any pictures, but all Brent's customers just love seeing Emma.  We ate at Hayes Barton Cafe, and picked out some candy from dad's store before heading home.

I had hoped Emma would be too wiped out when she got home and would want to rest on the couch......

but, this child is obsessed with princesses lately.  So....we played dress up.

One of her favorite things to do in play the Frozen soundtrack and sing and dance.  She not only knows all the words to the songs, but also the choreography.  It's hilarious, and cute, and I love it.  She does not, however, want you to watch her, or sing and dance too.  Don't be an amateur and make that mistake like I have:)

{I would also like to document this post because Emma is NOT WEARING her cowboy boots....a miracle in itself.  I have no idea how we got out of the house without her realizing this and demanding to change.}

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