Saturday, April 9, 2016

A big girl bike!

Emma has been asking for a big girl bike ever since I showed her a picture of a pink princess one, complete with doll seat on the back {insert eye roll}.  We were in Walmart the other day to get her a new helmet, so she could ride her scooter (her old one barely fits on her head), and of course.....she spotted THE bike right away.

I called Brent to tell him, and Emma yelled in the background - "Daddy, can we buy it???!!!"  

How could we resist? 

It's been on our list to get her one, and I wanted to wait for her birthday, but that's almost 2 months away.  She would definitely want to ride it before then.  Plus, she has been very good lately:)

Our debut ride - getting used to brakes will take some time, but I am confident she will get the hang of it.  I really wish we didn't live on a hill (either going up or down!)

She spotted the scooter after 2 bike rides in one day and HAD to play with it, instead.

IF the weather ever warms up, I am looking forward to riding bikes with her.  I have a feeling I will be more than likely chasing her on foot than riding myself, but it sounds like good exercise!

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