Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I have been behind on posts, but rest assured...a lot's been going on!  Emma was having a hard time over Christmas break - just really moody and defiant.  She has leveled out some (THANK YOU GOD!).  She has decided to stop napping (insert loud whaling here).  We try and have down time, and maybe one day a week she will nap at school.  As depressing as it is, it was harder for me to fight her during naptime.  She would jump up and down in her crib, play, sometimes scream.  I may try doing some modified down time in her crib with books, but for now - she sleeps great at night so I won't complain.  We are getting ready for 2 major transitions - potty training and big girl bed - so I am sure there will be some chaotic times ahead!  

I am still beyond blessed to work part time.  It allows me to spend so much more time with Emma at home doing fun things.

One day, we headed to buy books and stumbled upon story time - complete with a craft at the end!

Last week, my hair appointment started before Brent could get home.  So I took Emma with me for the first 40 minutes.  She did awesome!! 

She is OBSESSED with Olivia - the books and the show.  I don't mind it.  There are way worse things out there!  How cute is she here with her book and legs crossed??

We also went to the Mebane outlets one day.  Like a dummy, I forgot to bring any change or cash so we couldn't ride any of the cool animals there.  I almost started begging other shoppers for spare change....

The ladies at the Coach store were so enamored by Emma that they gave her some stickers and a little bag.  Emma thought she was sooo cool!

Of course, she fell asleep on the way home, so I took the back roads and enjoyed myself.  

She woke up around the Jordan Lake area, so I stopped so we could enjoy the sunshine.  It feels like it has been rainy all year.  It was heavenly to be outside with this pretty little one!

Emma loves Brooklyn, who lives next door.  She's always wanting to say hi to her.  We feel very fortunate to have the Winslows next to us and love hanging out in the driveway together!

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