Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Party Animals

I'm not going to lie...I'm not a huge fan of New Year's.  If it were a party that counted down to 10pm, then yes, I would go all out and enjoy myself until 10...get crazy, dress up, be a party animal.

But I'm old.  
No, seriously, I have never been able to stay up late.  
This year, we went to dinner with the Winslow's and left the kids at the their house to frolic.  We went to Primal, and LOVED it.  I really love their food and can't wait to go back.  And I'm very thankful for these friends that just happen to also live next door (Lucky us!):)

We came home from dinner by 9pm (such party animals!!!!!!!!), changed into our comfiness ( know what I mean...stretchy legging goodness and soft sweaters), and drank champagne while playing Cards of Humanity - it was hilarious!  We even stayed up until 10:45...sound the alarm!!!

Brent woke me up with 30 seconds to go...I opened my eyes just in time to hear the 10 second countdown, then snoozed back to sleep with my Hubs snuggled next to me and my Emma all cozy in her crib...not a bad way to start the New Year:)

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