Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Last Wednesday was supposed to be a snow day...but mother nature decided to wait a bit longer:)

I had already planned on staying in that day, and stocked up on food, wine, and craft supplies for Emma and I.  We stayed inside all day, got messy, and practiced a lot of patience (have you ever painted with a 2.5 year old????)  We yelled at the cats when they came too close to our paints, and laughed a lot.

First, we made these heart crayons from Pinterest.  We will give them to her classmates for Valentine's day.

Then, we made these salt dough ornaments.  It was super easy, and a lot of fun.  (did I also mention cheap?!) Some of them will be little ornaments, and some magnets for the fridge.  I also plan to do other holidays, like Easter and fall.

And since we are on this crafts kick, I thought why not make this barrette holder for Emma's small hair clips?  (She already has a larger one for her bows).  I just painted an unfinished wood frame and hot glued some ribbon onto the back.  Brent will hopefully hang it on the wall next weekend.

And for myself, I decided to get back into some jewelry making, but this time with clay beads.  I had seen an awesome necklace at a boutique in Raleigh and knew right away I could recreate it.  I used polymer clay that you bake to make it harden.  Then just stringed the beads on leather cording.  You can add other metal touches, and change out beads - the possibilities for color combos are endless.

They make really fun, unique, and whimsical necklaces.

Not a good picture...I need to practice my Instagram outfit selfies (!!!), but you get the idea!

I love doing crafts and sharing them with Emma.  I can only hope that she continues to want to do them with me:)


  1. You are so crafty!!!! Looooove the necklaces you made yourself! Those are adorable! Seems like a perfect stay at home day :)

  2. Love the necklace and think we will make some salt dough something today! They are sure to be as lovely as Emma's hearts.