Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The girl loves a slide

When I ever have some extra time, I am taking Emma to the park. everyday.  She absolutely loves it, and is finally big enough (and brave enough) to really enjoy it.

Our normal Saturday routine when Brent works is Walmart and Tropical Smoothie....

Brent took Emma to her first Bulls' game Sunday afternoon, and she had a blast!  I can't wait to go myself - the new parts of the stadium look awesome!

Can we just talk about how cute Emma is with her backpack?!?  And notice her little ticket tucked into her side pocket - too cute!!!!

After the game, they headed over to a friend's house, where they just happened to have a brand new playset.  Emma had no fear and LOVED it!  I think we might need to invest in one of these soon (hint, hint Brent!)

I love this video:)

(side note - does anyone know why the video is so grainy?  it was taken with an iphone, but was not that bad of quality until I uploaded here.....)

And there's no better way to end a weekend than with family selfies:)

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