Monday, April 14, 2014

"Sick" day

Emma had been fighting a cold all last week, and finally it caught up with her Wednesday afternoon.  As soon as I saw that daycare called my phone while I was in meeting, I knew I would be leaving to go get her.  The message they left me said Emma had been sneezing, had puffy and watery eyes, and was coughing a lot.  Geez...anything else?  Oh...and they claimed she had a fever.  I say "claimed" because I don't trust temps taken under the arm (especially when the child has been running around or crying, which inevitably makes you hotter).  They always add a degree to the arm temp (again - NOT accurate).  So of course, I could not take Emma back to daycare for at least 24 hours (or with a doctor's note - and let's face it: I am not taking my child to the doctor for a cold.  God knows what she will get while she's there).  Don't get me wrong, I love impromptu days with Emma....but they are not always easy, especially if I have something at work that cannot wait.  Or in this case, the only day all year that I look forward to.  Thursday was Showcase day - a day when all classes are cancelled and upper class students present their research/internships/undergraduate work all across campus.  Lunch is served outside on the main lawn, there is entertainment, and all around fun times.  Academic Awards are given also and it is always so rewarding to see my students celebrating their accomplishments.  Unfortunately, I would have to miss most of this to take care of Emma (again...not complaining).  I did decide to take her over to work with me after her nap.  That way, I could make an appearance at work, show her off, and she could see her daddy (who was helping to sponsor a Health Fair that Peace was hosting that afternoon).

When I picked her up Wednesday afternoon, she was full of smiles (did she fake feeling "sick" so she could spend more time with me????)  I took her home and took her temp (the RIGHT way - you moms out there know where) and she was fine.  I was a bit perturbed...but thankful she was not running a real fever. She did have the runniest, nastiest I knew it was just a bad cold.  But I was grateful for the extra time we got to spend outside together.

She looks sick, doesn't she?!?!?

"Is that Bailey over there?" (Bailey is the neighbor's dog, whom Emma adores...we can't go outside without her yelling her name to see if she is back there.)

"Hey Bae-Bae!!!!"

Stopping to "rest" (or poop....either one)


Emma's "cheese" face.....still needs some work.

Thursday, we played inside and got a smoothie before her nap.  She didn't have much of an appetite because of her cold, but I knew she would love a smoothie.  They also have toys there....a win win!

After her nap, we raced over to work.  We were able to attend a few sessions (that were not actual presentations because Emma would not be able to sit through that), and she did awesome!  She was such a ham - shy for about 5 minutes than ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  She was running up to students she didn't know, grabbing their hands, and laughing.  It was a joy to be able to share her with my students and colleagues at work - it made my life seem a bit more balanced at the moment.

We tried to get a few things done in my office...but Miss Priss wouldn't let me sit in my own office chair.  I had to stand up and return emails....while she lounged in my chair.

We headed over to the Health Fair to spend some time with dad.  She was running around everywhere....I honestly could not keep up.  One of the vendors was the Therapy Dog group - and they are wonderful.  We bring them in during exams for students to take a break from studying and relax by snuggling with a dog.  Emma loves dogs, and she was going back and forth giving 2 of them hugs.  These dogs were super tolerant, and soooo sweet.  It made us miss Daisy very much:(

We ordered a pizza for dinner and crashed!  It was a fun day...but super exhausting!  Trying to work and be a mom at the same time was a challenge.  But I am grateful for the day we spent together.

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