Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Football game

Awhile back, our awesome neighbors asked if we wanted to go to the UNC Spring game with them.  Of course, we never pass up a social outing (because honestly, we have no social life).

This was Emma's first game, and first time in Kenan Stadium (and the Blue Zone).  I couldn't tell you anything about the game, but we had a great time.  The weather was perfect (a little hot to be sitting outside on the bleachers though), and the company was awesome.

Blurry...but I love Clint's photo-bomb!

Mommy-daughter selfie!

Just sitting in the bleachers!

Emma kept pointing at Ramses, and kicking Brent to go over to him.  but when it finally came to be her turn to get a picture with him, her face melted into a gigantic frown, followed by the beginnings of a meltdown.  Maybe next time:)

I love that there are seats inside to hang out in.

"Oh me?  Just chillin with my juice box."

I would just like to add here that Emma has mastered putting the straw back into the teeny, tiny, microscopic hole of the juice box.  Something I still fail at on a daily basis.

Thanks Clint and Brittni for inviting us - and here's to more fun football games in the fall!!

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