Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Emma's speech is coming along nicely.  She loves to yell "mom" and repeat simple phrases we say, like "hey baby," hey mama," and "hey daddy!"  

Some other new faves:
chitty chat (kitty cat)
animawl (animal - which she refers to her stuffed animals as)

And the one she loves the most right now - ou'side (outside) - and who can blame her?  It's been so cold and nasty, that we are all ready for a little warmth outside.  She loves to be outside - and watch what we are doing.  She has become quite the big helper too.  She loves to help do things, and especially to clean. She will make a mess, just to clean it up and hear our praises.  We go through about 3 boxes of kleenex and wipes a week.  Often, I come into the room to find a whole pile of them all over the floor while she "cleans" something up.  It used to frustrate me because we still have sniffly noses and I couldn't ever find a box with kleenex left...then I just wised up and bought the economy size at Walmart so I could be THAT person that buys 24 boxes of tissues at a time.

Helping us rake.....

Brent's mini- me

Being a big girl....she refuses to use a sippy cup when there are adult cups around.

She insisted on pushing her own stroller...but was too short to reach the handles...

Lucky for us, Target has "handles" for little people...

Going for a walk at grandma and grandpa's....and taking all her animals.

"slow down, Mario!"

There are great trails where my parents live, and I remember fondly playing in those woods growing up, and taking Daisy for walks there in college. Emma absolutely loved being out there too.

Saturday, we ran errands - and of course, Emma wanted to buy everything in sight...she picked up these 2 Easter decorations and plopped herself down in the mini-Adirondack chair.  She also had a tantrum when we tried to leave without any of those 3 items...

Mommie-daughter selfies in the truck!

She also loves to snuggle and watch Disney channel - we let her watch some at night when waiting for dad to get home.  I think it helps her unwind from the day.  

Her favorite shows so far are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates...and for those that watch that last one  - what the H#*@ is a gold deblume....seriously....kids these days....

And go ahead and comment....Emma has been more and more interested in the potty.  She points to herself and yells "pee-pee."  She also points to others at their "pee-pee" and yells it (awkward.)  She loves to sit on her training potty seat, especially if one of us is in the bathroom (TMI?).  And yesterday she flushed the toilet on me while I was in there and got a huge wad of toilet paper off the roll for me.... UM...Thanks??  She has yet to do anything on the potty, and honestly, I am not sure I have the energy or time to devote to potty training being that I am at work all day.  But feel free to send your advice, prayers, list of DO NOT tries, etc....

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  1. she is just the cutest!!!! as far as potty training-- girl, just roll with it!!! hahaha-- showing an interest is great! tell her teachers at school that she is interested and have them start taking her to sit there.... just to get used to going in there...who knows- she might be ready!!!! xoxo