Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Helper

Emma certainly got her cleaning and organizing gene from offense, Brent!  She hates having dirty hands, and loves to wash them.  A friend of mine was telling us about the museum and this giant hand washing station they have....I think we would have to pry Emma away kicking and screaming if we ever went there.  Emma also doesn't like it when things aren't in their "right" place.  She always places her cup upright on a table or counter, and doesn't like things scattered all around.  She helped me throw pine cones into the woods out of the grass the other weekend....because she knew they didn't belong there.  If she drops a crumb on the floor, she immediately cleans it up and also grabs a kleenex or wipe, balls it up and starts dabbing the area.  I think I might have met someone more anal about cleaning and orderliness than me....great....just take a look at the pictures below.

"This spot here is dirty!!"

"Aha!  A broom!"

The joys of energizing!

"This spot over here is dirty!"

"No press....."

drink break...and pondering her next task....

Now time for some coloring!

She insisted on having the empty cup in the chair cup holder and her milk on the table.  She also arranged all her crayons in the table tray...

Hurry up, Spring!  We love our outdoor time!!

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