Monday, November 25, 2013


I had big plans this weekend to clean, hang out with Emma, and get out my Christmas decorations......but our generous neighbors offered us tickets to the UNC game, and since I had not been all year, and we had free babysitting (aka grandparents), I said "to heck with our cleaning and organizing plans, let's do it!"  It didn't hurt that our tickets were in the Blue Zone.....but not the concourse level, the UPPER level...and make sure you read that with a bit of snoot and your nose pointing in the upward direction:)  Our friends have season tickets in the concourse level, so we were all excited to see what $$$$$$ extra would bring us.

First, I loved our seats....they were right in the front row of the upper level, directly behind the goal post.  I also loved that I could see everyone below - Lord knows, I love to people watch.

The food options were a bit more extensive, from what I've been told.  And there were hardly no kids. This sounded awesome until I thought, if I bring Emma....will I get dirty looks from everyone?  The inside part was also much smaller in the upper level as compared with the concourse level.  My favorite part - hot cocoa and alcohol.  Plus, I felt super cool and important with my lanyard, laminated ticket around my neck.

We went down below (to hang out with the concourse level peeps) for the second half....and I think it is safe to say, I would NEVER watch any of the game if we had tickets there.  I ran into about 15 people I knew down there, literally.  First, I saw two sets of ski friends - one family that I see quite often, and another that I had not seen in about 8 years.  The Williams kids are all grown and in or out of college now.  I feel super old and I am kicking myself for not getting any photos....

A lot of our friends also have season tickets here, so it was nice to catch up with them...and clearly we didn't care about the game because we were winning by like a qua-trillion.

I also ran into a "blog friend" - hi Carrie!  I call her that, because there are those people that you just don't see much in person, but connect with through blogs.  It was nice to have a real-live conversation - with all the friends I saw Saturday.  Too often, we get caught up in Facebook and "liking" statuses and too busy to really hang out in real life, and it's sad.  I hate that I know more about people by Facebook then by actually seeing or talking with them.  As much as I love social media, that is such a down side.

We were really grateful to Clint and Brittni for inviting us to the game....and left feeling really jealous inspired to look into tickets in the Blue Zone.  After all, that's how I like to watch football - inside if I want to be, with food, drinks, and friends.  Ironically, our Sunday sermon centered on being a slave to affluence (including money) and I was slapped once again with reality.  And at the end of the day, I ended up missing this little munchkin something fierce.  Football games are fun, and much needed time away is good, but it took up our entire day...and when you don't get to see your kids all week because you stings!


  1. Great post and sounds like a fun day in the "Southern Part of Heaven" as Phillip calls it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ugh, what a horrible picture of me! So glad yall could join us!