Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin Shopping

A few weekends ago, we ventured on our first fall pumpkin trip with Emma.  We had heard good things about Ganyard Hill Farms, so we decided to go there.  We were certainly not prepared for the chaos/fun that awaited us.  There were kids and families EVERYWHERE.  Yes, we went on a Sunday morning (skipping church!), so it was a weekend, but still super crowded.  It was a lot of fun, so I recommend it, but maybe for a weekday......if you get overwhelmed by tons of people like I do:)

Emma was more concerned with this giant blue tarp than anything else.  Here, she is running beside it, but most of our time there was spent running on top of it.

the hayride.....

the giant blue tarp - instant entertainment

attempt #459 of a family shot

The selection for picking pumpkins was a bit scarce....we managed to find a few after some long scavenging...

Emma was still a little young for some of the activities, especially with so many older kids running around.  But we will definitely go back next year!

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