Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend recap

We had Emma's party on Saturday, and boy...we were scrambling.  Brent had taken the day off on Friday to get things done, but in true amateur parent fashion, we still had a lot left on Saturday.  We had no cupcakes, balloons, and the house was still a disaster.  My sweet parents saved us and ran errands, made sure Emma napped, helped clean, etc...  I couldn't have done it without them.  We decided to just do easy and low key with hamburgers and hot dogs, and cupcakes.  I didn't do party favors either (gasp) but hopefully no one cared.  Guess the Pinterest police will come after me afterall:)

Brent and I also get the super-stupid award for the day.  We thought our party started at at 1:45 with no one there yet, I decided to actually check the invitation that I sent out.  Low and behold, it started at 2pm. Geniuses.

I got absolutely NO good pictures of anything that day.  I knew that would happen.  I seriously need to invest in a REAL camera.  The iPhone does ok....and sometimes I am surprised by how awesome the pics are, but normally I am just plain disappointed.  PLEASE, if you have any recommendations for affordable cameras, send them to me!!

Here's a snapshot of our weekend.....

Our evening playtime....the driveway has become a new favorite spot.  I had just received a shipment of hair bows from The Hair Bow Company and had to try out the American flag one while Em had on these purple camo festive, right?  Funny aside...when Brent saw the credit card charge at The Hair Bow company, he seriously called and asked me what I had bows?! Duh.

Chilling at the party...Emma and Eli get along so well (they are both super laid back), and I chuckle thinking this could be the start of a future romance?!!? 

"Mom, go away.  I'm trying to get my chill on!"

Emma and her favorite sitters....I'm so proud of these 2 girls!

Emma likes cupcakes....but she't really not too fond of people staring at her.  Can't blame her...I'm not either.  Please note my party decor.  Banner and paper balls (is that a real decor term?) from Target.  Brent whipped up the side table the morning of....I'll have to post about it later! 

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Hmmm...not too bad....yummmmm"

Emma and her great grandmother Talley!

Emma really doesn't like crowds.  She doesn't cry, but would rather be with just a few people.  After everyone left, she had a blast playing at the edge of the driveway with mom and dad.  This is her party dress from Haley and the Hound....I tried to match with these sailboat least we had a (sort of) theme going on for the day!

Emma is OBSESSED with balls.  She says "ball" constantly...although when she says it, it's more like "baowwllll"...because she has this super cute southern drawl. Love.

Sunday was Father's Day...and I really had some making up to do since last year was such a bust.  Emma was exactly one week old and I was totally a mess during that time, so no one got any gifts or cards or smiles out of me on that day.  Eli's mom and I had gone to Wine and Design Thursday (during the hurricane...with all the traffic lights out).  I am so glad I went, because I almost gave up with everything I went through to get there!  It was harder than it looks, but I am addicted!
"Big Rock"

Not bad for my first time EVER! Brent loved it...thankfully!
 I also made a book for Brent on Shutterfly...I had a hard time uploading it, so it's actually on the next post.  I had a lot of fun doing it, and he LOVED it.  Shutterfly sends out coupons all the time, and I highly recommend their stuff.

I love that Emma is picking her nose..classic.

My favorite guys....and Emma's too:)

Grandpa ALWAYS sits on the ground to play with Emma.....she loves it.

Emma and I can't be more happy to have these two wonderful men in our lives:)


  1. looked like the perfect party to me!!! happy birthday, sweet girl!

    1. thanks! and loved your photo book too:) It took me 5 tries to get it to share on my blog bc google kept locking me out! Love shutterfly! Oh - any good recs for a camera?

  2. What a fun first birthday! I really hate we had to miss it, but will make it up to her! I think your party sounded perfect from the decor and menu to your pretty Lilly party shorts!I got the same Shutterfly coupon and didn't act on it, even though I really wanted to. Fail for Me!