Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A new toy...

We finally did it.  We broke down and bought a REAL camera.  After getting such awful pictures of Emma's first birthday, I pitched a fit and marched all three of us down to Best Buy.  After spending 2 hours chasing Emma around (me = chasing in wedges, non-stop, without a tasty cold beverage to satisfy my pain), Brent finally had enough info to seal the deal.  Of course I had no idea what we were buying and at that point, didn't really care.  All I asked was whether the cute bright green camera bag would fit the camera...so that I at least made some contribution.  Below are a few snapshots from this new toy.....which may take me years to figure out how to use!

Emma was a good sport about posing...especially since she wasn't feeling good all day (can't you tell from the first picture?!?!)  I am so excited to start getting some good shots to print out!

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