Monday, March 11, 2013

Fun and frugal Friday!

It was Spring Break at Peace this past week, so I had really been enjoying some quiet time at the office.  I love my students, but sometimes you just need some uninterrupted office time to be productive!  They gave us a half day off Friday, so I decided to take the whole day to myself. As it turns out, Emma had her 9 month appointment Friday too and Brent unexpectedly had to work (it was his day off) so it worked out perfectly.

Miss Emma and I started our day out at Target...a perfect start if you ask me.  We had pretty much gotten all the things on our list when I saw IT.  Sitting just so at the end if the aisle with the other upholstered pieces.  A miniature sized green suede chair with rivet details and all.  I couldn't find a price or tag anywhere. And it certainly wasn't anywhere on the shelves.  I quickly found a nice young man to help me.  As it turns out, it took 2 nice young men and 1 nice woman to finally figure out that the chair had been returned from online, but was missing the feet at the bottom.  They did some digging and scanning to see if they could find a price.  I didn't want to seem to eager, but when I heard that this puppy had "missing parts," all I could see were discount dollar signs.  The man came back to me after a few minutes with the words "deal of a century."  A chair originally $79.99, sold online and returned at $40.96 on clearance.... But discounted further to $35 for the missing feet.  I was grinning from ear to ear.  I pretty much ran to the checkout line and got my treasure into the back of truck as fast as I could before they changed their minds.

"My chair - HA! You BIG people can't fit into it!"

"Thank goodness there's enough room for my friend, Goober."

I must say this chair is perfect.  It not only matches Emma's room, but also our living room.   I haven't decided yet where it will reside but I am super proud of my deal.  We had started to look at getting Emma a small chair or bean bag but all we found were over $100.  I'd say we lucked out for sure on this one!

After our checkup (post to follow), we headed to Raleigh to see Brent and have lunch.  It also happened to be the Hayes Barton Baptist Church Kidzstuff consignment sale.  I'm not sure a bargain hunter like me gets this lucky in one day...but we managed to find some super cute outfits for Emma here.  There were tons of smocked pieces from $3-15 a piece.  I could have gone crazy buying clothes all the way up to a 4T Emma.  But I remained calm and stayed in the 12-18 month range.  I'm certainly regretting it now, wishing I had bought all the cute things I saw in every size.....but we are trying to save and $5 here and there adds up quickly!
Miss Priss wouldn't have anything to do with anyone but her daddy at the office.  This was the face she flashed me when I tried to pick her up so Brent could finish working. 

Emma will always be styling if I have anything to do with it:)

New Babychelle Angel shoes!

If anyone knows of other good sales, please let me know!


  1. Again, that chair is adorable, a steal, and you couldn't have found anything more fitting for you Talley girls! Great finds at the HB sale! A friend shopped for me Thursday night when it opened, then my sister and I went back on Saturday for half-price day and both walked away with some great classic pieces for a steal!

  2. holy chair, love it! and all the clothes... I expect nothing less of Emma's mamma! :)