Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etsy obsessions...

For those of you who have not logged onto Etsy yet...DON'T.  Stay away as long as you me, your wallet will thank you (and your husband!).  I do get a lot of great ideas from the site, but I am smart enough to know my limitations right now.  And currently, I am in no shape to start any major projects.  I already have about 5 that needed to be done, yesterday.  So, I will support someone else's crafty talent in the meantime!

Here are a few of my current faves....

Amy Butler fabric Boppy cover...I reminded Brent that this would match both the nursery decor, AND the living room and bedroom it's really a necessity:)

Probably not that practical, but too cute...right?

My favorite..seersucker, monogram, and ruffle - 3 of my favorite things!  This also comes in women's sizes...geez...there goes the savings account! 

Soft, fabric nursery toys.  Brent thinks these are useless...I think they are ADORABLE..and used the "but don't you want her to be able to throw and catch?" card.

Monthly onesie stickers.  I love this idea. I had plans to make my own set, but have no idea what sizes to buy.  What if Emma's a "chunkster?"  Then, I've got a 6 month size onesie with a 6 month sticker, and the poor girl is busting out of it...we can't have that.
And by the way, all of these are pinned onto my Pinterest account (yet another obsessive and money grabbing site) if you're interested in them!

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