Monday, July 25, 2011

Keepin' busy

Not much going on around here - summer is (gasp) winding down, and I have no idea what I have been doing for the past 2 months.  The weather has been unbearable.  I am glad to get up and ski at 6am because it seems to only be 85 degrees at that hour.  I recently went through a lot of my crafting things (translation: Brent made me clean out my space in the laundry room), and found a ton of beads that I had never done anything with.  I was almost embarrassed, but happy for some motivation to do some indoor, free projects.  You might spot me sporting any of these beauties sometime soon:)

I love this one.  The beads are huge, and a beautiful bright grass green.  The picture does not really capture the color.

I bought this link strand from Michael's on clearance for $1.99......not sure whether to make it into a long necklace or cut it into several bracelets.  

These red coral beads are actually from Pottery Barn - I saw them at the beginning of the summer on a long strand and wondered "weird find for PB, but could be a cute necklace!"  They are probably supposed to be vase fillers, or something decorative like that.  I think they will pair nicely with these cotton ball pearl beads.
I promise not to wear all these at once, although the temptation is there!   Round beads paired with smaller spacers in various colors are so cute, and you can layer them with other things.

Hope everyone else is taking advantage of fun things indoors!  I am headed to Florida later this week, and believe it or not, the weather there will be much nicer than here - go figure!

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  1. Love them all. I just love how quickly a cute necklace spices up an outfit.
    Even better that these projects were free. That is the best to find.