Friday, July 15, 2011

House guests

This past weekend, Brent and I hosted two sets of house guests....and loved every minute!  Saturday night, the one and only, Tommy James, decided to stay with us while skiing at at tournament in Smithfield (hey - it was the only place close enough that would have him!)  Brent and I were so excited since Tommy is always filled with hilarious stories and instant entertainment.  The night proved to starting out right when Tommy requested Mike's Hard Lemonade as his choice of manly beers or hard liquors for him!  Our neighbor, and good friend, Daniel also came over - as his wife and daughter were out of town.  He lovingly referred to it as "batcheloring it up."  Scott, and his girlfriend joined us, and we spent the entire night laughing!  I have no pictures - although it would be great blackmail.  If you were lucky enough, you might have even seen some somewhat inappropriate facebook status updates when my phone was hijacked.  Thank god I know how to delete, and delete fast!
Sunday morning, we booted one guest out with 30 minutes to spare on the next set.  Marcus and Lilly are dear friends, and we were so glad they were coming to stay with us for the night.  They left Davis at home, so I only got to see little Livi - who is precious!  God, please let me have a girl child!  She went straight to my jewelry - trying on everything and prancing around like the princess she is.  It was adorable.  Lilly, an extremely talented yoga instructor, convinced me to take a class at Triangle Yoga with her.  I agreed - how could I say no?  How do you tell someone you respect that you're really kind of lazy and don't like to all.  I can still hear her words now "It's a Level 1-2 beginner class.  You'll do fine!" So. not. true. The class was NOT a beginner class, and I struggled the whole way through.  I looked like Chris Farley - sweating in places I didn't know existed, huffing and puffing, glaring at the clock to see how much time was left.  Keep in mind I had not done yoga in over a year and a half.  I used to go quite regularly, but the instructor I liked left our gym, so I did too.  Honestly, it was not as bad at I make it sound, and I really enjoyed it...especially after the 90 minutes was up:)  I was so motivated that we went for a pilates/yoga mix class the next morning - now pilates is much more my speed and I plan on going more often.  If you live in the area, Triangle Yoga was fantastic - anyone want to come with me?
We ended the day with some shopping (hey, when you live in Washington,
 don't pass up a Southpoint trip when in town!)  I proved that parenting will never be my strong suit at Urban Outfitters when I let Livi climb all over the display bed that, as the rude saleslady referred to, was "ONLY for display."  Well, I didn't see a sign, and if she (who was all of about 17 years of age) had ever been shopping with a 4 year old, then she would understand why the bed was such a glorious source of entertainment.  So there.
Livi is much better at yoga than off:)

The infamous bed at Urban Outfitters - beware parents: you will get called out if you even think of letting your child play on it.

PF delic!

Notice Livi's jewels!  She would have rocked all of my collection of Lilly would have let her!

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  1. Sounds like it was an eventful weekend with all the guests. It is always fun to host. I too am a fan of pilates, more so than yoga. I haven't done it in a while though.