Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Holiday weekend in Wrightsville Beach

Some good friends had been asking us to come down and visit them in Wrightsville Beach for quite some time.  Brent and I have always wanted to go, so we decided to head down for the July 4th weekend.  Brent was able to leave work a few hours early on Friday, so I had the car all packed and ready to go!
I have never been to the Wilmington beaches, ever.  I know that sounds crazy, we just always went to OBX or the Morehead City area.  So I was really excited to check out the area.  It rained most of the way down there, but cleared up once we were there, and it actually was probably a tad bit shorter than driving to Atlantic Beach (with a lot less traffic and stops since it was straight down I-40).
Emma slept most of the way down....so Brent and I enjoyed some adult time (like NOT listening to Doc McStuffins....)

When we got there, all the kids were still up.  Brandi and Bill have Emma Miller who just finished Kindegarten, and Jack, who will turn 3 later this summer.  Their ages could not have been more perfect for Emma to play with - Emma loves older girls but still played with Jack too. We put the kids to bed, and just stayed up talking and catching up.  Emma wasn't asleep but she was on her blow up bed in our room watching the Ipad. 
We got up the next morning and had breakfast, then headed to the deck to watch the boats go by.  After coffee and getting ready, we took the boat out to Mason's Inlet (very similar to Shackleford near Beaufort).

The waterway was gorgeous down there...

Because it was a holiday weekend, it was packed!  I couldn't believe it!  There were boats and people everywhere!


Emma literally played in the water ALL DAY.  She played with Emma Miller and Jack non stop.  I could actually sit down in a chair, and relax.  I haven't been able to do that in 3 years.  It was heavenly.


We pulled Emma on the boogie board.....


played in tidal pools....


and even tried surfing!!



She did stand up and go, I just didn't get a picture of it:(

This was the only moment where Emma was sitting the whole day...I couldn't believe how hard she played!
We got back around 5 and bathed the kids. We piled them all in the tub and they had a blast.  Emma Miller had already left when we took these, so it was just Jack and Emma...how sweet are these??  I'm so hoping Emma will be as smitten with Jack as I am:)


The kids had hot dogs for dinner, and all got popsicles on the porch!!



As the sun went down, the fireworks were starting to pop up everywhere!  We were lucky enough to watch them from our decks...how awesome was that??




We did sparklers in the yard...and I got absolutely no good pictures, but I think that means we were having such a great time that it didn't matter!




We all crashed pretty hard Saturday night after being on the water and in the sun all day.  Sunday morning, we packed up to go to the beach on the southside of Wrigthsville and I am kicking myself for not taking any pictures.  The beach there was absolutely gorgeous - with a much longer dune barrier than the Crystal Coast beaches have, and a shell ground cover by the water - which made the ocean really clear. 
We packed up and headed out around 4:30pm.  We did not want to come home and had such a great time with our friends.  We feel really blessed lately to have been able to travel, see friends, and be together as a family on trips.  I hope everyone else has had a wonderful 4th and summer so far!

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