Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Super long catch-up post...

I have been a horrible blogger lately...and I know all of you are really frustrated with me (all 5 of you, right?!)....'s what the last part of November had in store for us....we are loving every minute of Fall, Winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!!!

Emma is loving reading bedtime stories on mommy and daddy's bed.  It's her favorite place to lay with us..and I can't complain!

One really, really cold day, I decided to take Emma out to Jordan Lake to run around.  There's also a playground out there, and I knew no one would be there.  It was cold, but really fun.

We celebrated my dad one night at Tyler's Taproom.  Emma just adores him, and I have to say....she has good judgement:)

We went back to visit Brent's family the weekend before Thanksgiving, and had a blast seeing the Jones'.  The boys took the boat to grab us some lunch, while we just hung out at the house.  Emma had THE best time playing with Livi. And it was so good to catch up with Lilly:)  I miss yall already!!

Brent and I always try and take a photo down by the river in Bath, where his sister lives.  It is so calm and peaceful there.

While Emma was at school one day, I decided to get a head start on her Christmas tree.  She has loved turning it on in the mornings, starring at it, and yelling at the cats when they try and eat it.

Emma brought home this gem the day before Thanksgiving.  Call me crazy, but I keep every single piece of artwork she brings home.  I might have a problem....

We spent Thanksgiving day at my parents and had a low-key, relaxing day.  Brent and I bring the wine and appetizer every year.  This year, we did oysters on the half shell...and it was delicious!!

My dad taught Emma a tradition that every daddy does with his daughter...dancing on shoes:)

Saturday was my birthday, and for the 2nd year in a row, Brent has had to work:(  My parents took me to the Weathervane for breakfast before I headed to the UNC game with Emma.

Brent found me BlueZone tickets for the game, so that I could hang out with my friends (and not alone at home being a solo mom!)

Emma had a great time tailgating with Rowan and Colby:)

I felt really blessed to be able to spend the day with friends, and for Emma to hang out too.

I am so thankful for these sweet friends:)

I was pooped after the game.  Being a solo-parent at the game is exhausting!!  All I wanted to do for my birthday dinner was get in my pj's, drink wine, and order a that's what we did.  Don't get jealous...I'm so exciting, right?!?

Sunday afternoon, we took Emma to a friend's 30th birthday party, and noticed she was acting super cranky...only to find that she was running a 102 temp.  She was pitiful on the way home, but as soon as the meds kicked in...wide open (why doesn't it work like this for adults?!?!)

 A trip to the doctor revealed nothing to note...probably just a cold and she has been fine since.  But I did have to take her to work Tuesday...which was fun and challenging!!  Of course, all my students loved her, and Emma was not shy at all.  I am thankful that she had such a good time, and thankful for my wonderful students who played with her so I could work.

It has been a busy few weeks, and I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas in the coming weeks:)

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