Friday, October 18, 2013

Much Needed Vacation

Brent and I tried to get away at the beginning of September, but sickness had taken over me and we were unable to go.  So, when I had 2 days off this past week for Fall Break, we couldn't get away fast enough.  We had the BEST time.  Seriously, Emma is the best child ever.  She travels so well, is so easy going, and sleeps awesome.  Of course, I am missing her like crazy today as I sit at work, and am really wanting to take another "day off"  but we are in advising season, which means I have NO free time until November.  Ugh.

Thank God I had this precious time with my family.

We ventured to the beach the first day there, and it was gorgeous.  

Emma had the best time running around and chasing us.

She is also part Labrador - always has her tongue hanging out when she runs!

I know pretty soon Emma will be running away from me, so I will enjoy her chasing after me and rubbing her sandy hands all over me.

I just LOVE this girl.  She is so full of enthusiasm and hardly ever cranky.  We are really blessed that she has such a sweet disposition....for now:)

We went to the aquarium one afternoon, and Emma loved it.  I wasn't sure how she'd react.  We took her tricycle because we thought she'd do better sitting in that, rather than the stroller.  We were right, and of course, we got some ice cream on the way out.

She loved looking at all the animals.  We will definitely be going back!

The turtle doc station was so cute.  She really wasn't interested in helping fix the turtles at all..but sure loved to drag the turtle around the room.

The child spotted the smorgasbord of stuffed animals and proceeded to pick up every single one and run around the store.  She even tried running OUT of the store with them several times.  We had to pry the second blowfish from her hands, just so we could only buy one...I would have bought her two...but Brent is the practical one.  She's so spoiled:)

Everyone NEEDS a blizzard after the aquarium visit.

Emma learns sign language at her school (Thank God, because I don't have the patience to teach that kind of thing!).  This is her monkey - she puts her hands like that under her arms and saws "ooh ooh!"  It's the cutest thing me.

Monday we went to this awesome playground In Morehead.  I had seen it several times before and thought to myself "splinter central!"  It's actually not wood on the places where the kids run, which is nice.  I'm sure it has a name and everyone else already knows about it, but I was super excited.  I imagine it gets pretty busy over the summer, but we had the place to ourselves with only one other it was awesome!

We spent out last night eating my favorite place - Front Street Grill in Beaufort.  Awesome drinks, good food, and the outdoor seating and sunset watching is phenomenal.  We will definitely be going back on this trip soon.  There is something really relaxing about the beach in the off-season.  I've already been thinking about the next trip:)

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