Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hangin' in there

So, I'm still trying to hang in there.  I have officially kicked the lung infection, and doc says they are all clear.  But, the shortness of breath and constant coughing will remain for another 2-3 weeks.  I literally sound like I'v been smoking my whole life and I have emphysema.  It's really getting old, if we're being honest.  Over the holiday weekend, I could barely do laundry and clean the house without having to sit down, use the inhaler, and rest.  

But, I am so grateful to be able to snuggle with my pumpkin again.  Oh, how I missed kisses from Emma!  

Lately, Emma has been doing this before bed time.  I try hard to keep her entertained before Brent gets home so he can play with her and see her before bed...but I think it's obvious she is tired.

A trip to Walmart always involved some candle-smelling!  Emma would point at each one and then I would let her smell them.  It was adorable.

This is one of the few pictures where I think Emma looks like me - the classic Elizabeth scowl.

another scowl face....

Luke Bryan's new cd is pretty good...and perfect for some daddy-daughter dancing in the yard.

Love her face here...I hope she never loses this joy.


Walk?  The girl is not subtle at all.

Another fave...that lip says it all!

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