Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to the Land of the Living....

I've been MIA...literally.  I am just now recovering from a 7 day long virus...complete with 103 fever, shivers, chills, shakes, sweats, aches, coughing - an all around fun time!!

When I first went to the doctor, they diagnosed it as a virus, that would just need to run it's course.  They did take bloodwork, which they reported came back normal.  After day 3, I was getting antsy. I literally couldn't do anything but lay around.  I stayed clear of Emma (which was the most heart-breaking thing I've ever had to do) and Brent (my saint of a husband) took care of me and her.  My dear parents came over everyday and helped, made meals, and supported us wherever we needed.  I honestly was getting depressed.  I had developed a bad cough - so much so that I was wheezing and having a hard time breathing.  We wrestled with going to urgent care over the weekend, but I knew they would just say "ride it out...plenty of fluids, advil, etc..." and I didn't want to hear that again.  I haven't had a fever since probably middle school, so this was so rare.  Finally, after the 6th day, I decided to go back to the doctor.  Luckily, I got an appt. early in the morning with my regular doctor.  She knew immediately that there was something more going on.  And that's why I love her - she knows I'm not ever sick, and I don't complain. I know myself and I know when something is "off" and she respects that. She looked at my blood work and noticed my neutophil count was elevated, which suggests infection (the earlier nurse of the other doctor didn't catch this, I guess - grrrr).  She listened to my lungs and right away, said "you have a huge blockage in your right lung!" I was overjoyed - as any normal person would be.  I LOVE a diagnosis...I know that sounds weird, but I am not of the nature to take "rest and fluids" as a real solution.  Let's get to the problem, get some REAL drugs, and get on with it.  She diagnosed me a lung infection, and I was put on anti-biotics and given an inhaler (awesome!) to use 6 times a day.

I am still very weak, am still trying to get my appetite back, and still have a nasty cough.  But I have been fever free without meds for 2 days now.  It is such a relief.  I was really getting depressed and wondering when my life was going to be "normal" again.  Emma would reach her arms up to me, and say "up" and I would have to walk away because I couldn't live with myself if she got this horribleness from me.  She would cry and run to dad.  It was absolutely the worst feeling ever.

My advice to everyone - wash your hands and keep them away from your face.  This is a habit I really want to break (touching my face).  Because I work with 800 college students who love to share germs, I really have to be careful.  I also have learned that I need more balance in my life.  I feel like I work A LOT.  I know this is a necessity, but I miss Emma, I miss cleaning my house before it gets to the "danger" zone, I miss going on dates, I miss skiing, I miss hanging out with friends.......

In the meantime, I am super excited to be able to hug THIS little munchkin!  God, I love her!


  1. You poor thing! I know that was hard having to turn away from sweet Emma but a few days of keeping your distance hopefully means she won't get this same lung infection! Can I do anything? Bring freezer meals over this weekend until you are back up to speed? Miss you!

  2. yuck! so glad they finally figured something out and got you some meds! Hope ya'll get to hang out together this weekend!