Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas back east...and a shoutout!

We drove to Washington the weekend after Christmas to be with Brent's family.  On Hwy 264 right outside of Farmville, the truck started beeping and the power to the engine was reduced significantly.  In true "girl" fashion, I started freaking out.  It was a little scary to be driving 70 mph down the road then all of a sudden have the car almost shut off, all the while coasting through the middle of nowhere.  We were right near the exit, so we pulled off and the truck was shaking something awful (again...cue panic mode for me).  We turned it off, and let it rest, then turned it on again.  Brent made some calls, and unfortunately the Chevy dealership in Farmville was closed on Saturday.  We were able to find an auto mechanics place where they could read the code off the truck computer.  We were able to drive it, and were only a half hour away from Washington (and also the dealer where we bought it).  It turned out that the throttle position/stabilizer sensor had gone bad (whatever that means), and it was ok to drive but we certainly didn't want to drive back to Durham Sunday without getting it checked out first. 

All I can say is, thank God for Lee Chevrolet in Washington.  Brent grew up with Michael Lee, and he has always taken good care of us (and all his customers).  He told us to bring it by and since their service department was closed, he would give us a loaner and take it look at it when they reopened.  I was glad, but a bit concerned about whatever kind of loaner we would get.  We were filled to the brim in the truck with bags, baby, presents, and had a stroller and other stuff in the bed of the truck.  All I could think was that we were going to get some Chevy Cavalier or something that would hardly fit anything.  Not even close.  They pulled around a brand new 2013 Silverado for us to drive - even white:)  Michael even offered to have someone meet us this week with our truck and make the switch if we couldn't drive back to Washington.  I will never buy from anyone else again.  Last summer, we had a problem with the tires that the manufacturer put on the truck, so Michael had me drive down there and he replaced them with Michelin's free of charge (almost $1000 worth of new tires). 

There are not many places that will take such good care of, if only I could get Brent to buy me that Z71 Tahoe sitting on the lot:)

Cousins - Walker, Grace, Reagan, and Audrey

These kids LOVE them some Emma!

Such a big present for a small girl!

Again, Emma wants to eat the wrapping paper!

Granny gave Emma the sweetest angel doll and book about Jesus' birth.

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