Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beach bound!

Today, Brent and I are headed to the beach!  I have been so excited about this trip for several reasons.  First, Brent's schedule rarely allows vacation.  The only bad thing about being a pharmacist is that no one else can do your job, and in an independent pharmacy, there are not many others to cover for you!  We also rarely go to the beach.  Growing up skiing meant most of my travel was to strange, rural places with holes filled with water....not quite exotic, if you ask me!  I wouldn't change my life growing up, or now, and going to the beach is a rare treasure.
We are staying for a few days, and have lots planned.  You know me - I can't sit still for more than 45 minutes!  Thank goodness Brent is the same way!  Here's where we are headed....

Our boat is waiting for was nice of the crew to get it ready for our arrival!

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