Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

There is something about the month of May that is so nostalgic for me.  I have very fond memories of winding down college exams and coming home for the summer.  Exam time, for me, was great.  It was a real taste of freedom with no classes, and few actual exams.  Because I was an English and History major, most of my exams were papers or projects.  I seldom was burdened by the overwhelming anxiety of taking semester long tests.  The air was getting warmer, campus looked a little less busy, and all of us girls were falling in love with our newly tanned skin.  While I am no longer in school, and have been out for some time now, I still feel a little twang whenever this time rolls around.  It's a time full of promise and hope (and no, hopefully that is not Obama's 2012 campaign slogan).  For me, summer brings more time with my family, more time to ski, and usually, the absence of a job.  This year is no different, and I have so much to look forward to.......

First, we know our time with Daisy is limited.  She has a very severe case of chronic hepatitis, which is not great, but is treatable for an unknown amount of time.  Daisy is now on several vitamins and a new diet.  She will, however, need to forgo her beloved table scraps.  Yes, we are THOSE dog owners that feed our dog what we are having.  Looking back, it may not have been a great trend to start, but that's all water under the bridge now.  If she learned how to beg, she can now learn how to un-beg!

Second, I will only be working one job this summer!  Woo-hoo! Truth be told, I was not made for the working world.  If I could work whenever I wanted, on a "if I felt like it" basis...that would be great.  (I'm just being honest......)  I like both of my jobs, but doing them at the same time (sometimes on the same day!) sends me unto a tizzy!  With Brent working hard at the pharmacy, someone has to take care of the house - and I strongly believe that person is me.  Hats off to all housewives and stay at home moms - it is a full time job and much appreciated!  Brent works hard for us to have our home and life together, the least I can do is keep it up!

Third, skiing has started.  I am motivated more than ever to ski.  I am not getting any older, or is it younger???, and I feel blessed to have competed this long.  I can't wait to do it all over again this summer.

Fourth, I have several family things planned.  My aunt and uncle were in town for a few days this month, on their way from Florida back to Maine.  It was so good to see them, as I have not seen my aunt in 3 years.    We were also able to visit Brent's family, and I can't believe how grown up our nieces and nephew are getting.  I guess that means I  am getting old too:)

Lastly, Brent and I are headed to the beach this week.  We had a three day weekend, and now a 2 day work week - it's ok, you can be jealous.  I am so excited to get away for a few days, and the weather looks to be beautiful!

So, happy summer everyone - it has officially started, and I hope everyone is enjoying every minute of it!

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  1. Happy summer to you, Elizabeth! North Carolina is my favorite place to be in the Summer. Enjoy it!