Friday, July 13, 2012

We're still alive!!

Whoa - I've been missing from the blog world for way too long!! Things have actually been going pretty good.  We still have some bad days, but we have made large strides.  Currently, as I type this at 7:45am, Emma is still asleep.  She has been going down around 8:30-9:30, then sleeping until about midnight, then up again around 5, and sleeping until 8am.  And I am happy to report that she is sleeping in her crib - and I am NOT glued to the monitor all night!  In fact, when we first tried it last week, I gave Brent the monitor and "checked out" for most of the night. I hardly heard her wake up - Brent was doing all the work! Now, I am doing better and we have learned to put the sound on the lowest setting.  Emma stirs a lot - going in and out of her REM sleep - grunting and snorting.  I was waking up panicking that she couldn't breathe or was in distress until I realized it was all normal. 
Emma loves tummy time!  She loves to try and push herself over her small pillow on the activty mat, and she loves to lay on my chest and look around.  She most assuredly falls asleep in the carseat - whether just sitting in it in the bathroom while I shower, or in the car, or on a stroll.  I am liking this fact:) She was really into the swing for awhile and napped good there, but I am trying to get her to nap in her crib only (or carseat if we are mobile).

We are one month old! 

NURSING - is getting better.  She is a tad bit more efficient on the breast, but not enough where I am willing to be up for hours with her overnight.  We still use a bottle during the night, which unfortunately means I am still up pumping...but that is far less time consuming!  I nurse her as much as I can during the day, but try and space out her feedings.  At night and early morning, she is every 3 hours.  Then she becomes some alien in the afternoon and wants to snack...a little here...a little there... I need to do better at enoucraging full meals or nothing at all.  She spits up sometimes and we really have to be sure to keep her upright any time she eats, and then for 30 minutes after.  She may also be a drooler...bibs anyone?

WEIGHT - at our 3 week appt on July 3, Emma was 8 lbs. 4.5 oz!  It was a huge relief because I was unsure whether she was gaining enough weight.  Surely, she was, since she was only 6 lbs. 8 oz. 3 weeks prior.  The pediatrician was really encouraged and surprised - she did not think Emma would have gained that much.  Do we have a chunkster on our hands???

OUTINGS - On her one month birthday, Brent and I took her to lunch at Brixx...well...we took ourselves, and Emma slept the whole time.  It was our first real outing with her, and it was a success!  I then ventured to Raleigh by myself (how's that for courage!) to eat lunch with Brent.  Of course, everyone at the pharmacy oggled all over her, as well as everyone at Hayes Barton Cafe..she even had her own piece of cake!  She slept the whole time - except for the way home. She started screaming as soon as we reached the RBC center on Wade Ave.  I got off 40 onto the Cary exit to feed her. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, she stopped and fell asleep!  I decided to chance it and continue home - and we made it!  I know she will have to cry, but I also knew she was probably famished at that point!

Emma was generous and shared her slice of cake with us:)

Other things that weigh on me all day long:
-my thank you cards....I am way behind!  I had intentions of ordering cards with her newborn pics on them, but have not picked them out thus, not cards done.  I promise to everyone that it is not an indication of my appreciation.  We feel very blessed by all the care and gifts we have received in the last months.
-the slow return to normalcy - things like cooking meals (even eating meals), going places, etc..  I wonder if I will ever do these things again:) I have never missed going to work so much! (although Emma sure beats all seriousness!)
-when will Emma be big enough to fit into all her cute outfits?!?!  She has a ton of 3 month clothes but can't wear them yet!  I also CAN'T wait to take her out more.

Emma loves to rock some crazy hair!

again...bad hair day!

I bought this little toy doll at Baby Boutique in Chapel Hill and it goes with Emma in her car seat.  She probably isn't aware of it, but I like to think she is holding onto it:)

Tummy time fail.  She normally does not fall asleep and loves to push around on the floor.

She is starting to have more personality everyday...

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  1. congratulations on making it this far! you are doing a great job-- just keep reminding yourself of that :) and it DOES get easier AND better every day... she is just precious!!!