Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lotsa changes for 2012.....

I'm sorry I haven't blogged more often....BUT....I've been busy!

Baby Talley is due June 15, 2012 and we are so excited!  

I've wanted to announce this for awhile, but know the risks of telling too early.  I am almost 17 weeks and feeling awesome! Besides being hungry ALL the time, I have no complaints and have had no sickness (I know this will make some of you very angry at me as I am well aware that most pregnancies are not this easy).  I am keeping a positive attitude that all will continue to go well for the next 5 months:)

Some facts:

-craving burgers, avacado, salsa, and jalepenos; also cereal (but that's nothing new) and omelettes

-gained 4 pounds so far (I know this will increase dramatically in the next few months)

-wearing maternity pants already (demi band styles from Gap fit great - full belly still too big)

-still wearing my shoes - I'm paranoid that I wont be able to fit into my cute shoes, after all a pregnant girl has to rely on colorful accessories when all maternity wear has to offer is black pants and jeans! Fingers crossed!

-walking semi-regularly (I say semi because I seem to be in a rut the past few weeks)

-no idea at all what the sex is - I really don't have a "feeling" as they say; I've always wanted a girl, so I've mentally prepared for a boy (Don't get me wrong, I will be happy either way, but let's face it, everyone deep down has a preference at first, right?!)

-names already decided on - I told Brent that I wanted to decide on names before I became "hormonal" in fears that I would rashly push for some outrageous name in my non-human state

-emotional state - easily irritated (I apologize to everyone I've come in contact with, as my fuse is VERY short these days), and crying at almost anything remotely sad (Thanks, Hallmark Movie Channel, for letting me unleash all emotions over your sappy and heart warming movies this holiday season)

- clearing out the house BIG TIME - losing an entire room and closet in the house is tough, but we are enjoying down-sizing, it's liberating to get rid of things and donate to those who really need them

13 weeks, probably more bloating than baby...but it's always fun to show a baby bump - finally!

14 weeks

I've missed weeks 15 and 16, but will upload a 17 weeks soon:)
Thanks to all my friends and family who have been praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby, and who have been there to guide me through this new phase in my life.  I will update more often now that I don't have a big secret to hide:)  I wish everyone an awesome 2012 filled with love and laughter!


  1. Yeah for you guys!!! Can't wait to hear more - and hopefully see more of your too in 2012! Happy new year!

  2. Love the bump pics! I think Abbie is as excited as you are! Take care!

  3. Elizabeth, I'm SO thrilled for you! You are going to love being a mama and little boys are a TON of fun too, I promise! They love their mamas :-)Praying for a healthy pregnancy!! Oh, and ditto on the burger cravings...I ate red meat like a crazy woman!

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! Blog as often as you can because once it's all over you'll love looking back at all the changes that take place. It goes by so quick! I can't wait to read more about it!! xoxo

  5. You look ADORABLE! Love that bump! I can't wait to see it in person. And I did the same thing...hoped for a girl but prepared for a boy and let me tell you, I love my little guy more than words! WE just have to hunt harder for the cute clothes! ;-)

  6. Aww YAY! Congrats :) So exciting! Your little bump is adorable. I guess I haven't seen you since your birthday party so I haven't seen the bump :-) We still need to do lunch! :)

  7. I love seeing the pictures of your bump. You're so cute. I also liked to hear about your cravings, names, and other thoughts. I am so excited for you and Brent. You will be great parents. Also, I will have to agree with Meredith...boys are so much fun.